Apple reportedly adds simple Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11

Sharing the Wi-Fi password when a friend comes over is one of the minor trials of modern life. After all, your devices are all already configured, so why should you have the exact alphanumeric string of random capitals memorized to hand out at the drop of a hat? 

Apple appears to be solving this problem in iOS 11, according to a report from 9to5Mac. It notes that the upcoming iOS update includes a new Wi-Fi-sharing feature that should save you from digging behind your couch to find out what the password on your router actually is. The function reportedly works simply: if a device running iOS 11 tries to join your Wi-Fi network, your nearby iOS devices will get a pop-up asking if you’d like to share your password. Simply tap the “Send Password” button, and the other device will autofill the password and connect. 

9to5Mac notes that the devices need to be close by and unlocked for the feature to work, which should prevent your neighbors from spamming your phone to try and mooch a free ride off your internet. 

The article was published on : theverge
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