The Tab LapDesk is for people who own lots of gadgets but are loyal to whiteboards

I remember my mom buying me a “lap desk” as a child. If you aren’t familiar with the term, they’re padded flat surfaces that sit in your lap; you can work from bed! What a novelty. Obviously these lap desks have evolved since I was young. There are now dozens on Amazon designed to hold not only your phone and tablet, but also your paper books and in some cases your laptop. The future is bright, y’all.

Today, we came across the Tab LapDesk, which is particularly puzzling. Lap desks never made sense to me in the first place, like, just sit in bed with a notebook, or a piece of paper on a hardcover book? Anyway, the Tab LapDesk makes no sense because while it’s advertised as being able to hold your phone and tablet, it also comes with a built-in whiteboard. I can’t explain why you would own both a tablet and phone, yet still want to write on a mini whiteboard. I can only assume you’re absurdly loyal to erasable markers. 

Also, who reads a book while facing their iPad and iPhone? Note that both devices in this promotional image are unlocked and displaying their home screen. I don’t get it.
It doesn’t look like other companies have figured out an ideal lap desk, either. Just look at the sad Sofia Sam. What even? Maybe consider a real desk.

The article was published on : theverge

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