Yep, that sure is a full keyboard Moto Z mod

We didn’t believe in the Keyboard Moto Mod that gives your Moto Z a full QWERTY keyboard when we first saw it on Indiegogo. We’re skeptical people, you see, and all we had were renders. But now, the company behind the mod has released actual photos of their prototype. The mod looks like it might be pretty thick given that it accounts for the entire keyboard, which slides off. You then flip the phone up to use it. But hey, photos!
While we’re happy to have photos, the company doesn’t actually show the keyboard typing. The team does stress that it’s a prototype, however, so we’ll hopefully see more in additional updates. Of course whether the product will ever actually ship is another question. The campaign isn’t even half-way funded yet and only has two weeks left to raise about $50,000. They better hope the photos help.

The article was published on : theverge
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