The $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a serious, not-even-kidding $5 computer you can buy right now and put into all sort of projects, but to get it connected to the internet or wireless peripherals you'll end up spending at least $20 or $30 on cables and dongles. Really, if Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are important to your project, you're probably better off getting a full-sized Pi... until today. Now the Pi Zero W has arrived, and it changes the whole game.

The Pi Zero W adds the same 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless chip the Pi 3 Model B has, but in that deliciously small Pi Zero form factor, and for only $5 more. I know it sounds like I'm trying to sell you one of these, but really I'm just regretting my recent purchase of a Pi Zero starter kit, USB hub, Wi-Fi dongle, and Bluetooth dongle. At least my HDMI adapter is still useful!

Otherwise the board is the same as the Pi Zero: a single-core 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, and plenty of I/O for hacking.

You can get a Pi Zero W today if you can find one in stock anywhere, but they're disappearing fast. The good news is the Raspberry Pi Foundation usually, eventually, catches up with demand.

The article was published on : theverge
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