The Fidget Cube is basically a baby toy for adults and I love it

Lately, I’m much more dubious about Kickstarters than I used to be — I’ve been burned too many times by delays, failures, or simply bad quality. But when I saw the Fidget Cube, a desk gadget designed to keep idle hands busy, I signed up immediately. “How can such a simple thing be delayed?” I thought. Well, it was — despite getting funded just shy of 6.5 million (!) dollars — and that gap was rapidly filled with knock-offs

In any case, my cube arrived today and it’s adorable. It has little geegaws for you to fiddle with on five of six sides. The geegaws are: combination-lock knobs, a little joystick, a rolly ball, a few buttons of varying clickiness, a switch, and a spinning dial. The whole thing feels a little too small at first, until you realize that it’s meant to sit in the crook of your finger. Most of little doodads feel well-built and satisfying to push / dial / spin / click. They’re all also a little too loud, so if you’re in a super quiet room your coworkers might hear it.

But whatever. I’m the guy who takes the little pieces of paper that hold napkins and silverware together at restaurants and worries it into a tight little roll through the course of dinner. I’d be a table tapper in meetings if it weren’t the most obnoxious thing in the world. Don’t even start with me about Zippo lighters. I fidget. I worry. 

The Fidget Cube helps with that, I guess. It is not a thing designed to get you to stop fidgeting. It is a thing designed to make your fidgeting slightly less annoying to those around you. It appears to do that job, mostly.

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