The Fasetto Link puts 2TB of storage in the palm of your hand

The Fasetto Link is a miniature wireless storage device that offers extra portable storage for your computer or smartphone on the go. 

It's a tiny, two by two-inch device that houses up to a 2TB SSD. It generates its own Wi-Fi network to stream content that's stored on it, and can easily pull new images and videos from phones over the air through a connected app. It's also shock resistant, waterproof with an IP68 rating, and like many new devices, charges over USB-C.

The Link comes in a $349 256GB version, a $499 512GB version, or a $1,149 2TB version that's a little thicker than the former two. Additionally, Fasetto is selling some magnetically detachable accessories to expand the Link's functionality: a $29 battery pack and a $149 LTE expansion. The Link and all of its accessories are available for preorder on Fasetto's website now for an estimated April ship date.  

The article was published on : theverge
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