Partnership between Samsung and Fundação Amazonas Sustentável Celebrates Six Years with Important Results

Samsung and Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS) celebrate six years of a partnership that aims to promote sustainable involvement, environmental conservation and improvement of the quality of life on the riverside communities of the State of Amazonas. In 2014, the South Korean multinational company became the Provider Partner of the Education Program, which includes direct support to four Conservation and Sustainability Centers (NCS, its acronym in Brazilian Portuguese) and complementary programs.

The main initiatives implemented by FAS, with support from Samsung, are directed towards expanding and qualifying the communities’ offering in public health and education services. “Samsung produces innovations that create positive changes to people around the globe. The company’s participation in FAS’ projects reinforces two company priorities, which are education and sustainability,” highlights Helvio Kanamaru, Senior Manager for Corporate Citizenship of Samsung Latin America.

The projects Samsung stimulates are founded on three pillars: economic development, with the objective of generating income for the communities; social factor which seeks to make feasible the citizen’s inclusion in society; and sustainability and conservation of the environment. This year, the NCS registered 562 enrolled students, interested in participating in projects that point towards professional qualification, entrepreneurship, early childhood care, knowledge exchange, incentive to reading, recycling of solid wastes and agro ecological practices, just to name a few.

“We have also created a Samsung School in the Amazonian region as part of our technological innovation project in the education field. The complex installed in the community Três Unidos, in APA do Rio Negro, offers a school structure with bedrooms and canteen that serve students and professors from elementary schools, high schools and education for young people and adults. We are proud to contribute with improvements in the daily life of these communities,” Helvio Kanamaru adds.

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